Synod Women of the ELCA

welca-logoWomen of the ELCA Mission Statement:
   “To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.”

The  Western North Dakota Women of the ELCA are participants in their  congregational units and meet in community with each other for  friendship, for opportunity to study together, for support, for chances for involvement, and for possibilities to do justice.

From  the beginning of our organization, women have felt a need to be  connected to and to share with each other.  This is done in the local  expression with small groups that often focus on Bible studies,  fellowship opportunities, social ministry projects, and efforts to  improve congregational and community programs.

2016 Synodical Women's Organization Board

2016 Synodical Women’s Organization Board

Our  seven clusters (or conferences) provide opportunities to gather twice a year to meet this same need for connectedness and involvement in a larger community. The Western North Dakota Synodical Women’s Organization is one of 64 synodical expressions across the ELCA.  Our board members are elected at the Synodical Convention every two years by delegates from the  units.

We strive to promote mission and ministry in Western North  Dakota.  The Western Whirlwind is the synodical newsletter which is sent to the unit officers and is available by subscription.  It is the primary vehicle for sharing information about activities, retreats, growth opportunities, mission, cluster operations, leadership, and learning.  The WND synodical women’s organization is in  partnership with our Sister Synod, the Central African Republic.  There  are extensive other mission opportunities in which we can participate.

The  churchwide expression of Women of the ELCA meets in triennial  convention to elect a churchwide executive board and to conduct the  business of the churchwide organization.  Delegates elected at the Western North Dakota Synodical Convention represent our women at this  convention.  Offerings given help provide us with worship and growth  resources and support ministries especially to women and children in  poverty and crisis.

What drives our ministry?  What’s our mission and message?  To make Christ known!

2015 WND Synodical BOARD-MEMBERS (269 downloads)