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AbundanceLiving in God’s Abundance Bible Study
a 7-session Bible Study featuring videos and stories from members of Western North Dakota Synod Congregations
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Stewardship with Adults under 40
Grace Duddy Pomeroy Powerpoints from 2015 Rostered Leaders Conference


A Message from our Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship Education

river     Some folks tell me their ears, eyes and heart just seem to close right up when talk about “stewardship” begins, because after all, that word means it’s “all about the money.”  Money is important – the mission support that flows in tributaries from each congregation flows together into a mighty river that waters a multitude of ministries that couldn’t be sustained by a solitary congregation.  Together, we can do great things that none of us can do alone.

Yet God created the whole world and called us to steward it.  We are made in the image and drenched in the generosity of God.  To keep ourselves and all creation happy, healthy and productive is a multi-faceted task.  Stewardship is a holistic enterprise!

This website is meant to alert you to resources from books, videos and websites to workshops and individual consultations or strategic planning with congregations.  It is also a place to share stories about how folks are living their steward vocations out in the world, and to get some good ideas to try.  Click the tabs above for resources and keep checking back as new sections are added. It’s a tall order to steward God’s creation!  Let’s be on that journey together. If you are stumped at where to start or what to do next, let’s talk.

Thank you for your generosity and solidarity in mission for Christ.


Lisa Ahlness
Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship