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Hand in hand, Maboko na Maboko, is the loose African translation of “companion synod.”

Central African Republic

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Central African Republic (EELRCA) is Western North Dakota’s companion synod. The Central African Republic (C.A.R.) is located in the heart of Africa and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Many of its people live daily lives of struggle and bare subsistence; however, Christians in the C.A.R.  join in worshipping their Savior and in sharing that joy with others.

What can we, as people and congregations of Western North Dakota do to continue to walk hand in hand with our brother’s and sisters in Christ in the Central African Republic?

C.A.R. Sunday
The first Sunday in Lent is designated as C.A.R. (Central African Republic) Sunday in the Western North Dakota Synod.  The Synod Sending Team provides resources including a bulletin insert with a Litany, that can be used during your worship service as you celebrate. Congregations are encouraged to use the Litany and focus on our companion synod in the C.A.R.

Sweet Deal for C.A.R.
One of the primary ways we support our brothers and sisters in the Central African Republic is through the Sweet Deal for C.A.R. Project.  Each spring the synod office makes available tubes of M&M Minis.  Congregations are invited to pick up boxes of the candy to share  with their congregations, and invite members to return the tubes filled with quarters.  The quarters are collected and a check for the full amount is brought to Synod Assembly where our gifts are gathered together to be shared with the EELRCA.

Downloadable resources to promote Sweet Deal for C.A.R.

Over the years these funds have helped build schools in the village education project, put roofs on churches, provide scholarships for young women to attend both secondary school and university, supported vocational training at the women’s center, provided theological education for those training to serve as pastors and evangelists, and much more.

E-mail to request your M&M Minis.

How do the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central  African Republic and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America accompany one another in ministry?
Through the churchwide ELCA Global  Mission unit, the ELCA relates to and is in bilateral relationship with over 80 companion churches and institutions. The ELCA Global Mission unit stewards a church-to-church relationship with the EELRCA. This relationship is deepened and extended by the EELRCA’s Companion Synod relationships with the Western North Dakota, Eastern North  Dakota, and Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synods.

Funds raised in the Companion Synods is added to support committed through the ELCA Global Mission unit and supports key priorities identified by the EELRCA, including strengthening the EELRCA’s leadership development, capacity building for the development of effective programs and  ministries, as well as sustainable development in the areas of water and sanitation, agriculture, health care, and education. Two ELCA mission personnel serve in C.A.R. in the areas of village-based education and women’s ministries. Learn More . . .