My Redeemer Lives!


by Beth Anderson, Synod Ministry Coordinator – 3/28/2016

joyHer pure unbridled enthusiasm in worship moved me. . .

It was the end of worship a few weeks ago, and as our pastor announced the final song, my daughter couldn’t contain herself. A full volume “YES!” burst from her lips, audible to all the surrounding congregation, complete with fist-pump and ear-to-ear smile that lit up her face and drew bemused grins from the adults around us and a knowing smile from our pastor.

She was excited not because this was the last song signaling the end of worship, but because it was one of her favorite worship songs and she couldn’t wait to sing “My Redeemer Lives” at the top of her lungs along with the worship team and congregation.

Her pure unbridled enthusiasm in worship moved me, and I hope it moved a few others. It was fresh, joy-filled, life-giving and beautiful.  Perhaps it seemed a little inappropriate in the midst of the season of Lent, or perhaps it seemed misplaced in a “serious” worship service, but I believe her excitement in the midst of worship brought as much delight to God’s heart as it did mine.  What more does God want than our pure, fresh, joy-filled, life-giving praise that fills us up and carries us out into the world with the message “My Redeemer Lives” ringing from our lips, a promise of hope for our own hearts and for each person we encounter?

This weekend, the Christian church around the world celebrated together the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the ultimate celebration of life conquering the grave.  In all that is happening in our lives and the larger world, what message could bring more hope to hurting hearts?  This Easter season, I pray each of us is so moved by the amazing gift of Christ that is for each one of us, that we can’t help shouting “Yes!” when we hear the proclamation that “My Redeemer Lives!”  And that we leave our sanctuaries filled up with this promise ringing in our hearts and from our lips.

Christ has Risen!  He has Risen Indeed!


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