Two years and thousands of miles later…..


giveFlowerby Faith Simonieg, ELCA Gift Planner for Western North Dakota

God has blessed each of us with many gifts and has placed the desire to give in our hearts.

This month marks two years that I have served the Western North Dakota Synod as a Regional Gift Planner for the ELCA Foundation. During this time I have met many faithful people who love to share their gifts of time, talent and financial resources with ministry. I have traveled to the far corners of our synod visiting communities that I have never been to before, even though I have lived in western North Dakota all of my life. I have shared the road with oil tankers and stood in line at the Fuel Force with oil field workers grabbing energy drinks more times than I can count. I have also traveled on quiet back roads not meeting another vehicle for miles, hoping I know where I’m going.

While my travel experiences vary daily, one thing remains constant – we are faithful, generous people in western North Dakota. We love the ELCA and believe that the ministries we support today should be preserved for the future.

God has blessed each of us with many gifts and has placed the desire to give in our hearts.  We are responsible for all of our gifts, even at our death. The ELCA Foundation provides gift planning services as a ministry of the church. Have you thought about your lasting legacy, your current and final wishes? Have you thought about how sharing your gifts can make a lasting financial impact on the generations to follow? Gift planning helps you to prepare your gifts in advance, to help you carry out what you already want to do. Making an intentional gift plan allows you to express your deepest values and concerns by directing your resources to people and causes you care deeply about.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with together in ministry with you; your gifts are making a difference in congregations, communities, the synod and around the world. I’m grateful for the conversations we’ve shared over coffee, for the memories shared of summers at camp or how Lutheran Campus Ministry changed your life. I look forward to continuing to share the road with you, to share stories with you and to serve as a resource to you and your congregation as you explore the ways God is calling you to share all the gifts he has given.

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