Stewardship Workshops

Contact Rev. Lisa Ahlness if you are interested in scheduling one of these workshops with your congregation.

  • “Money Leadership for  Thriving Congregations”  Can be  done as an overnight retreat or in six sessions.  Lays a scriptural foundation for money  management and allows you to address money issues in your context.
  • “Asset  Mapping”  A  90 minute workshop which can be a great jump-start if you’re stuck in a rut and  not seeing any options, or if you’re beginning something new.  Can also be done in conjunction with the book  “The Great Permission: An Asset-based Field Guide for Congregations.”  (available from ELCA)
  • “Stewardshops” is a series of skill-based workshops for stewardship leaders in congregations.  Through these workshops leaders become prepared to introduce and implement  basic practices within the congregation. Each workshop addresses a specific  stewardship skill from thanking people to asking for contributions to fostering  accountability.  Free online materials  linked to ELCA stewardship website.
  • “Ventures  in Growing Stewards”is  a four-part workshop series that develops a vision and plan for growing  stewards through a year round stewardship ministry.  The process is organic in that each congregation  develops an approach to fit their context and culture.  With a trained leader provided by the synod,  a cluster of six to eight congregations journey together for ten months.  Each congregation has a team of four to six  people.  Eight different annual financial  response alternatives are provided.  The  results have included spiritual renewal, developing a team-based approach to  ministry, increases in regular giving, and growth in mission interpretation and  support.