LeviSchmidtCampoCrossWhen his dad, Pastor Robert Schmidt, received a letter about a contingency meeting at Camp of the Cross to approve an increase in the building project budget, Levi Schmidt wanted to do something to help! He attended the meeting and then told his parents he wanted to have a Spaghetti Dinner. Levi, an 8th grade student at New Town Middle School, had recently learned to make spaghetti and thought he could do the cooking himself. After discussing the project with his parents, Levi enlisted the help of Bethel Lutheran Council President Terry Wilber and his wife Marcia. And with that the project was on a roll.

Why did Levi want to help Camp of the Cross?  He attended camp this past summer and the Father-Child Weekend in the spring of 2014.  Levi will tell you he has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADD, and that this makes him different than other kids.  At camp he can be himself and he doesn’t feel judged or threatened in anyway.  The staff at Camp of the Cross worked with Levi so that his camp experience would be positive and that it was.

During an interview, with the local paper, Levi put his goal at $200.  When he told this to his mom, she told him that he already had $600 so with that information in hand he called the newspaper and increased his goal to $10,000.  On November 1, members of the Bethel and Bethlehem Lutheran Parish and community members came together for the Spaghetti Dinner.  Spaghetti was eaten, Chinese raffles won and silent auctions won!  In the end, Levi reached his goal at $11,077 for Camp of the Cross.  Levi is very thankful to the congregations at Bethel and Bethlehem Lutheran for helping him raise money for the new Fellowship Center.  He is now anxious to return to camp where he can learn God’s word in a safe and comfortable environment.

Submitted by:  Laura and Levi Schmdit

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