Much More than a Summer Job

Much more than a summer job
The Lutherdale camp counselors are a serious bunch.
By Amanda StrawCozy, rustic cabins filled with bunk beds from one corner to the other. Rolling green fields scavenged by bees and mosquitoes. A dining hall filled with laughter and the aroma of delicious food. Outside places of worship, showing the beauty of nature, frequented by curious children. Chapel constantly flooded with music, prayer and praising God. Beautiful lake, perfect for swimming, and worship both day and night among the birds or under the stars.

These are some of the many reasons why I love Lutherdale Bible Camp, one of 135 ELCA outdoor ministries. Located in Elkhorn, Wis., near Lake Geneva, Lutherdale is a haven for those like me who love being outdoors, meeting new people and practicing faith in fun and creative ways. For three years I was a camper there – first in grade school, when I was just learning about faith and God. The second year was in middle school, when I really didn’t know what to believe or where my journey would begin. And again, in high school, when I doubted everything about Christianity and God, but through my new friends and the wonderful counselors, I found peace and my own personal faith.

I sought to return to Lutherdale somehow and, after my first year in college, I got the notification that I would be a cabin leader there in the summer of 2014. With my prayers answered, I couldn’t wait to start my training in May.

My dad always told me that when he was a counselor at a Bible camp where he grew up, he had some of the best moments of his life. He told me that your friends at camp would be friends for life, mostly because you live together for a whole summer. You see each other at your best and at your worst, but you still love each other no matter what. I couldn’t wait to find out if he was right.

He was.  Read more.

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