Congregational Renewal Cohort

Congregational Renewal is about transformation.  Transformation is first and foremost a spiritual process.  It is re-rooting in the Good News of Jesus Christ and getting God’s dream for this ministry in focus.  It is not a one-person project.  It is God’s project among us.  It is not just about this congregation.  It is about changing the world.  As such, we all have choices to make and commitments to make in living out God’s dream for us.  Because change is hard, as transformation begins, it is essential that the partners share clear expectations and that the accountability be strong.  Partners in the process include congregation members, congregation leadership, and synod staff.

Being a part of a congregational renewal cohort requires an intentional commitment by the whole congregation to enter into a 2-year process, seeking to be renewed and transformed by God.

Grounded in Scripture, Guided by Prayer, we will use teleconferences, retreats, individual coaching and intentional homework where individuals will be renewed in their Christ-centered faith so that they might help their congregation experience renewal.

That the individuals within the congregation would:

  • listen to God
  • listen to one another
  • listen to their community

to help define where and how God is calling them to live faithfully today.

You are being prayed for. You have people available to you to:

  • support and challenge you
  • brainstorm with you
  • provide congregational specific resources.

For more information on being a part of a Congregational Renewal Cohort contact:
Bishop Mark Narum

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