Martin and the Family Table


Martin and the Family Table is a project of the Western North Dakota Synod, supported in part by a grant from the ELCA focusing on commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.

Martin and the Family Table  invites parents, grandparents, and other caring adults to gather together for a 3-hour workshop that includes both teaching and hands-on-activities to equip adults for leading faith forming conversation  with the young people in their lives.  We use as our basis, Luther’s Small Catechism, which was originally intended to be a handbook for the home.  It was meant to be a primer to help equip parents to share the essence of the Christian faith at home around the dinner table.    The synod’s Martin and the Family Table initiative has the same goal in mind.  We hope these resources can help parents and children engage in faith conversations in new and interactive ways, and that these conversations become stepping stones to grow in faith, deepen relationship, and build memories together.

The resources included in the resource book were written by a team of pastors and deacons from across our synod.  Please feel free to reproduce them for use in your home or congregation.  May they be the basis for memorable Table Talk in your family of faith.

Resource booklet for home use: 

PowerPoints for teaching sessions:

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

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