LWR Kits + VBS = Pie in the Face


Sunne LWR Kits 2

Sunne Lutheran Church, rural Wilton, has always put together a lot of school kits for Lutheran World Relief, but this year we decided to try something different.  Instead of asking people to donate the needed supplies, our Vacation Bible School decided to dedicate their offering to purchase supplies.  A challenge was issued to raise $1200 so that we could complete 300 school kits.  If the VBS students met their goal, they would be able to throw a pie in Pastor Paul Schauer’s face after the VBS program.

When the Sunday of the program arrived, the kids were $600 short.  After a humorous announcement during worship, people graciously donated the remaining $600 and several  pies were thrown in Pastor Paul’s face after worship. In addition to the VBS offering, two Sunne members used their Thrivent Action Team grants ($250 each) to purchase supplies.  We ordered our supplies through our local Walmart and were able to purchase the supplies to complete 410 school kits. We wanted to have fun with the school kit project.

Sunne LWR Kits 3

On Sunday, August 24, we held an LWR School Kit Celebration.  Coffee, pop, and banana bread were served to the over 40 volunteers who helped put the kits together.  People of all ages (from 6 years old to 85 years old) took part.  We’ve always had fun with LWR projects and this year was extra fun.

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