‘Ladies Who Brunch’ hopes to connect women of Dunn County


by Rev. Rachel Simonson, Dunn County Parishbrunch (300x205)

I recently met a woman who moved to Dunn Center from Wyoming two years ago. Although she deeply misses her friends and family back home, she’s grateful for the opportunity to work here in North Dakota. But something big is missing. After two years of living here she has not yet found a way to really make new friends or feel like she fits in. She is so lonely! Sound familiar?

I also regularly talk to people who have lived here for many years who lament the fact that they do not know how to meet and connect with the new people who are moving in. They ask, “How do we welcome people we only see for a few moments at the post office or grocery store?”

Local and newcomer alike are wondering how to connect with each other! Thus the idea for “Ladies Who Brunch” was born.

On Saturday, March 29th all of the ladies of Dunn County are invited to a brunch at 10:30 am at St John’s Lutheran Church (although this event is being organized by women of various faiths, St John’s is a nice and comfy location to have it). Not only will participants spend time getting to know each other through the meal itself, we will also be providing information on the existing social groups around the county, plus we will be taking time for new groups to be created. Book clubs, cooking clubs, walking groups, Red Hat society – if folks can think of a group they’d like to be a part of, chances are there may be others who’d like to be a part of it, too. But, of course, if those who attend are not interested in joining a local group, the brunch is still a place to come and get to know some people over a lovely meal.


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