Enhancing the health of our leaders so our leaders can enhance the lives of God’s people


Each year, Portico Benefits Services,jogging-women.jpg the benefit ministry for the ELCA, partners with Mayo Clinic and invites plan members and spouses to take the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment.  When 65% of a synod’s primary plan members and spouses take the assessment by April 30th, Portico provides a 2% discount the healthcare contributions for all congregations of the synod.  In addition they also provide the synod with a 1% return to help fund wellness initiatives in their synod.  In addition individuals who take the assessment receive $150 in wellness dollars that can be applied toward health care expenses.  If take advantage of additional wellness incentives, they can receive an additional $350 in wellness dollars as well.  That’s $500 per individual or $1000 per couple.

Why is taking this assessment so important?  Of course on the surface, there is the financial incentive.  Taking the assessment saves our congregations money and makes more healthcare $ available to our leaders and their families.  But more importantly it’s about stewarding the health of our leaders.

Taking the health assessment each year, helps raise the awareness of our leaders of the lifestyle choices and health issues in their life. Often ministry leaders forsake taking care of themselves, because they are so busy caring for others. But as they tend to their own health, they become healthier leaders and are more able to tend to the health and wellbeing of congregations and communities they serve.

Portico’s support for healthy leaders doesn’t end at providing insurance and retirement benefits.  They also provide tips and resources for healthy living through their website https://myportico.porticobenefits.org based on the concept of wellbeing and wholeness.  Part of the coverage also includes 24 hour nurse lines, mental health support, and fitness club discounts.

Our partnership with Portico, pays off for leaders and congregations in many ways.  As the ministry of Portico benefits encourages healthier leaders, these healthy leaders in turn enhance the lives of the communities where they serve.

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