Congregations – Documents and Forms

Updating Your Congregation’s Constitution:
In August 2016, the Churchwide Assembly voted to update the Model Constitution for Congregations. The 2016 Model Constitution for Congregations is now posted on the ELCA website at (“Congregations” tab).

Each congregation should now plan to update its constitution to comply with required provisions in the 2016 Model Constitution for Congregations. At the same time, each congregation council should review the constitution to determine whether the council is fully complying with it.  The documents below will assist with the process.

Updating your Congregation’s Articles of Incorporation

Each congregation in the synod is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of North Dakota. Each corporation was established when the congregation filed its Articles of Incorporation with the North Dakota Secretary of State and the corporation will continue indefinitely IF the corporation files a required report with the Secretary of State by February 1 each year. The documents below provide assistance in this process:

Below you will find documents and forms that congregations submit on a regular basis.

Forms A & C (Annual Parochial Reports)
You will need a password to complete the forms.  These are mailed to congregations each year by the ELCA or you may contact to request your password.

Annual Bishop’s Challenge Form

Compensation Guidelines

Forms Related to the Call Process

Policy Documents