For Clergy of All Faith Traditions: An Invitation to Participate in the North Dakota Legislative Chaplaincy Program


Are you interested in opening a North Dakota legislative session with a one-minute prayer? 

If so please take a few moments to do the following:

1) View the [Download not found].

2) View available dates at 

3)   Contact one of following pastors to schedule your time for prayer.  Please indicate your best phone number, so that you may be reached  the evening prior to learn the time of your requested Opening Prayer.

  • Pastor Rebecca Aardahl,Chaplain, Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center, Bismarck, 221-9361 (office)  or text or call (701) 390-4519.
  • Pastor Keith Ritchie, Cornerstone Community Church, Bismarck,, (701) 222-3649
  • Pastor Rich Wyatt, Living Hope Church of the Nazarene, Bismarck,, (701) 223-0332

 The first day of the 2015 session is Tuesday, Jan. 6. 






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