Composting Closes the Circle


When you bring your tray to the dish-room window in the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago’s cafeteria, you’ve got some sorting to do. Any leftover food, paper products, and even “to go” containers go into the green compost cart to the right of the window. Glass and plastic bottles go into the appropriate recycle containers to the left of the window.

At this point, you shouldn’t have anything left except the reusable dishes, glasses and utensils. The dish-room staff will take it from there, thank you very much. And you have just participated in the seminary’s composting and recycling program.

“It’s challenging, but also fun. There’s a saying in kitchens: garbage in, garbage out. You can think of the world in the same way. We get back what we put in,” Ben Randall, the head chef, said.

Taking the next step to care for creation

Residents in the seminary’s housing have composted in their community garden plots for years, but in 2009, the seminary developed a compost collection program for everyone. Recycling containers have been in the cafeteria, also known as the Refectory, since the 1990s. Adding a compost collection cart was a logical next step in the seminary’s commitment to care for creation.  More

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