Cards of Care


When is the last time that you sent someone a greeting card just to show you care? The women of the Lonetree Cluster (the central eastern part of our synod) were inspired when they heard that their sisters in the Badlands Cluster were sending cards of encouragement to the inmates at the New England women’s correctional facility. Some of the women at the prison never receive mail, much less a word of hope. So the Lonetree women planned to write cards as way of reaching out at their fall women’s gathering.


But sometimes mission and ministry requires a little flexibility. It was discovered that there were already cards flooding into New England. Knowing that October is the month to raise awareness regarding acts of domestic violence, the cards written instead to victims and survivors of domestic violence. They were sent to a family center and shelter that has a walking event in October to encourage women and inform the community. Each woman will now also receive a card that reminds her she is not alone.

Submitted by:  Rev. Pauline Crowder (Bowdon Area Parish/Lonetree Cluster)

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