Be not afraid


by Bishop Mark Narum 12/1/2015


(c) Lushpix

Fear can be a crippling emotion.  Fear can make you freeze – unable to move, speak or even think.  Fear can also create panic leading a person to say or do things they would otherwise never say or do.  Terrorists use fear to control, manipulate and push their agenda. It is time to stand against such fear.

On a dark night an angel appeared to a group of shepherds – Be not afraid for I bring you good tidings of great joy.  This was a world-changing announcement, God had stepped into the world as a vulnerable infant.  God had acted for the sake of all human history, an act of profound love.

You and I have been called to imitate that kind of self–giving love, even in the face of evil terroristic threats.  We have been set free for Jesus” sake to love and serve our neighbors – even our neighbors who are refugees.  These men, women and children who have fled persecution, war and famine seek an opportunity to live a life free from fear.  They seek refuge and safety – a gift we can give if we don’t allow fear to control us.

I also wonder what gifts we might receive if we don’t allow terror to control us?  Might we meet a child of God, gifted with a story of resilience?  Might we learn how hope can pull a human through the depths of despair?  Might we witness profound gratitude for a chance at life?

Is there a risk?  Most certainly so but all of life is a risk.  I am choosing not to allow fear to win the day.


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